Thermal Insulation

CCO has over 7 years' experience providing insulation services to the highest standards, across local markets. This makes us the primary choice for projects that require careful attention to safety, reliability and durability. We cover the full scope of insulation needs and can manage the entire process, from fabrication to supply, installation and maintenance. By continually evaluating the potential of new materials and techniques to address the rapidly evolving insulation challenges, we can significantly reduce costs over the life cycle of an industrial asset.  
Our insulation disciplines include:
  • Thermal, acoustic, cryogenic and fire protection insulation.
  • Asbestos Management and Removal.
  • Sheet metal fabrication.


We apply refractory linings to all types of furnaces and heating plant, in all major industries. CCO could offer complete refractory packages, through selection and procurement of materials, to installation, commissioning, and maintenance, and including demolition.

Our highly skilled refractory installers are experienced in working with all types of constables, including gunning, bricklaying, casting, ramming, and hand packing, spraying and applying fibrous products in slab, blanket and modular forms. Being at the forefront of refractory engineering, our quality control, quality assurance and health and safety are fundamental to our continued success and long-standing reputation.
Our refractory activities include:
  • Gunning and Casting
  • Brick Laying
  • Ceramic Fibre Lining
  • Acid Proof Lining
  • Basic Refractory


For over 7 years, CCO has been a leading supplier of scaffolding and alternative access services to local industries. We play a key role in supporting major players across a variety of industrial sectors. Our own equipment are used for our access services, which is comply to internationally recognized standards especially for safety and reliability. Safety and reliability is our main priority . We take great pride in the knowledge and skills of our workforce by paying much attention to their health and welfare. Our rigorous training and assessment certification as well as continuous investment in our customized management and site reporting systems help maintain our high service levels.  
Our extensive scaffolding and access services include:
  • Tensioned netting
  • Mobile elevated work platforms
  • Tube and fitting scaffolding
  • System Scaffold ( to be introduced soon)

Passive Fire Protection

With our combined knowledge and experience of working with structural fireproofing systems, we can offer some of the best technical and design advice available – from early project planning stages to construction. Our fireproofing techniques include cementitious and fibrous spraying, fire-cladding and intumescent coatings. CCO provides Fireprotection coating services in some hazardous man-made environments. Our onshore experience – from shipyards to oil and gas refineries, blast furnaces and fabrication plants clearly show that we have the understanding, expertise and highly-trained workforce to provide long lasting, cost-effective and safe solutions to any surface preparation and coating projects.  
Our coatings services cover:
  • Process and storage equipment
  • Process and storage equipment
  • Surface preparation
  • Degradation analysis and reporting
  • Food based linings
  • Fireproofing

Management Responsibility


Health and safety

At CCO, 'safety' is our top priority. It is our overriding Company philosophy, a way of life, and nerve to our working culture . No matter how hazardous the environment, we believe every accident is preventable. Wherever we work, we apply the same industry-leading standards of safety.
CCO invests significant resource into training facilities that provide all our employees with relevant technical and safety training, in a format that suits their needs. Our excellent safety statistics and numerous industry awards are testimonials to our work in this area. However, to reach our ultimate goal of an incident and injury-free working environment means we must aim to be more than just safe that is to be CCOSafe.

Our approach

CCO aims to provide a workplace where everyone can work safely and healthily, and socially responsible manner. Fulfilling these wider responsibilities, alongside providing the highest quality technical skills and disciplines, is key to the long-term success of the business. The work we do in providing industrial services which enable our clients to care for essential large scale industrial assets, plays its part in keeping the economy functioning. But wherever possible we aim to provide benefits to the local communities we operate in, not only through employment for the local workforce, but also through activities that provide wider social benefits.


Although our impact is small, we are keen to ensure that we do our part for the environment. A number of local management and staff initiatives work closely to reduce our carbon footprint . At corporate level, we gather data and do analysis with the help and support of the Carbon Trust, potential programmes to reduce our impact on the environment.


To conduct our activities and fulfil every contract consistently, we operate a quality management system. This provides cost-effective, planned and systematic procedures to determine assess and achieve the required quality standards for our clients.
Our quality management system:
  • Supports growth into new regions
  • Minimises cost and duplication of effort
  • Encourages a common framework everywhere we work
  • Recognises the diversity of location, industry and operations
  • Promotes consistent application of our systems